What kind of cookware should you buy


I know there is lots of really good cookware available, but the ones I use are All-Clad stainless steel and Le Creuset enameled cast iron. They’re expensive, but they really do last a lifetime. They’re also incredibly easy to clean.

I recommend that you start with two stainless-steel saute pans (an 8-inch and a 10-inch), two stainless-steel saucepans (2-quart and 4-quart), and one 16- to 20-quart stainless-steel pot for making stocks and pasta. If your budget allows, a stainless-steel roasting pan is perfect for chicken and meats. (Check out this post: The top stainless steel cookware set available)

For soups and stews, you’ll need a heavier pot; I like the 7G- or 9-quart Le Creuset French Oven, in Flame (orange). Not only is it great for cooking, but it’s beautiful enough to go directly from the oven to the table. I also like the Le Creuset oval au gratin dishes, which I use for things like baked eggs for breakfast and vegetable gratins for dinner. My choice would be 11 or 14H inches, and I love their new Kiwi color (citrusy green). I should also say I have a dozen white oval Apilco baking dishes, in lots of sizes.

The best news is, whatever brand you choose, stainless-steel and enameled cast-iron pots and pans clean really easily. After doing the dishes, I fill them with very hot soapy water and let them sit overnight. In the morning, all I need is a sponge — no scrubbing at all! — and they’re like new again. Article from House Beautiful

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Guide to Buying the Best Kitchen Knives

When a young cook’s training begins, it begins with a good knife. It is her first and most important piece of equipment for as long as she cooks. She is trained to keep it sharp, keep it clean and keep it protected, so she can count on it to perform well. We like to think of cooking as an art, and it can be that, after some time. But first, it begins as a trade and the knife is your primary tool. Lots of people will go through life never experiencing the effortless and precise feel of the best chef’s knife. But for those of us who are lifelong cooks, the best kitchen knives are just a matter of time and once you’ve used one, there is no going back. Your culinary knives, particularly your essential pieces, should be an investment in your love of food and cooking. Quality knives will reward you with safe, enjoyable performance every day and inspiration over a lifetime. And all the while your skills will grow using the right tools for the right jobs.

Use this resource to help you find your next great knife. Remember that quality knives are available across many price points, and research is a necessary step, but the best way to decide if a knife is right for you is to hold it your hand. If it is right, it will feel right. When you are ready to explore your options in person, be sure to visit the nearest Kitchen Kapers location. Our friendly staff will guide you in choosing the right knife for you and answer any questions you may have.

It’s also important to remember that most high quality knives are not necessarily maintenance free. The proper storage, cleaning, honing and use are critical to ensuring that cutlery will last and remain a pleasure to use. So you have to consider the materials a knife is made with and any specific care it requires. No matter how fabulous a knife may be, if you find it a hassle to maintain, it’s probably not worth it. Have a look at the materials guide at the bottom of the page to learn more about key materials and care requirements. Also be sure to store your knives properly. Knife blocks, magnetic strips and plastic edge guards are all affordable solutions for the protection of fine knife edges.

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A list of best Intex air beds

My mother in law insisted that we should buy only Intex air mattress. Consequently, we could only look for best Intex air beds. The list of course is large, and includes both single as well as queen size air beds. We wanted queen size air mattress though we were willing to consider two single air beds as well. Let me tell you it is difficult to decide once you have read through many reviews.

When we started thinking of air mattress, it was to essentially to accommodate guests. But as all humans want a bit more, we looked for air beds that could also be used outside home as well, not that we go out often. However, my dominating mother in law swiftly negated the idea. She said we could always buy one at that time, or hire if need be. In fact, she insists that we hire RVs or caravans for any trip. For that we would definitely not need air beds. I quite like the idea. Therefore, it boiled down to a queen size air bed, for using at home.


We checked Intex Classic Downy which is 60 inches by 80 inches in size. But the height of this air bed was a disappointment because we saw better models around. I had rejected the Pillow Rest Classic, which is a single air bed for the same reason. Intex Pillow Rest Twin air bed seemed perfect for use. It included a pump that is built in. It also had a raised pillow but my husband did not like it. He said the pillow was uncomfortable for him. Eventually we settled for Intex Ultra Plush Queen Air bed, which by normal standards is expensive for us. But it is the model that met the approval of my husband as well as my mother-in-law. It is about 80 inches x 60 inches and 18 inches in height. I would have preferred the Intex Deluxe Pillowrest raised comfort, for which I would be paying slightly more, but it did seem to have a lot more. I was impressed by the flocked top as well as the border. Both these models are double chambered but we go by what my mother in law says, and she has opted for Ultra Plush Queen Air Bed. It has the in-built pump alright. Let us see how things turn out.

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My Search For The Best Rated 4 Slice Toaster

cuisinart 4 slice toasterMy much loved 4 slice toaster of ten years suddenly decided to stop working the other week. This was right in the middle of breakfast, so you can imagine the resulting chaos. My kids were not at all happy, but neither was I. I use my toaster an awful lot, and with three kids I go through a lot of bread. But the toaster is just something that I cannot do without, even though I didn’t really have the funds to buy a new one.

Because of my lack of funds, I knew that my search would be a little more difficult, I only had around $40 to spend on a new toaster. I really wasn’t sure how far my money would go. Therefore this just meant that I had to do a little digging in order to find the best toaster for my money. So I started my search by reading up on the best rated 4 slice toaster review.

I started by reading toaster reviews for the best toasters and looking at the star ratings of 4 slice toasters over on Amazon. I managed to find 2 toasters under $40 that had fantastic reviews and an average 4 star rating.

The first was by Hamilton Beach with over 300 reviews and looked stunning in a shiny stainless steel. The second was by Cuisinart and had over 1,500 customer reviews. This was a compact white 4 slice toaster and was a few dollars cheaper. After reading through what customers had to say, I decided to go for the Cuisinart. This meant that I saved a few dollars too.

I am so glad that I read up on toaster reviews and chose this toaster. I have an all white kitchen and this toaster fits in beautifully. It also makes wonderful toast.

My advice to you if you have a low budget, is to read up on customer reviews. This way you will be able to get the best possible product for your money. I now know that low price does not necessarily mean low quality.

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Which Masticating Juicer I Think Is The Best

There are basically two types of juicers sold in the market today namely masticating and centrifugal. These types of juicers mainly differ on how they chop, crush, or grind food. Regardless what type you prefer, picking one juicer among the many models offered in juicer brand ratings and local kitchen appliance shops today won’t be easy. Omega juicer and Breville JE98XL are two of the best options if your aim is to find the best masticating juicer. Since purchasing them both is not an option, read through this article to figure out each of their respective pros and cons so you’ll find it easier to decide which one best fits your needs and wants.

Omega Juicer
Although it’s a bit expensive, Omega juicer proves itself worthy of anyone’s investment by boasting a 10-year warranty, automatic pulp ejection feature, dual stage juicing, and easy usage. The Omega juicers is a common pick among homeowners who wants to prepare mouthwatering healthy treats for the whole family without disturbing their neighborhood since it has a built-in noise reduction feature.

Breville JE98XL
Homeowners who simply can’t afford to invest so much in buying a new masticating juicer will love the Breville JE98XL. Aside from being cheaper than most of its market competitors, this great juicer showcases a number of interesting features including a wide feeding chute, large capacity pulp container, high-quality polymer body, cord storage, overload protection, and easy clean-up. Added with a powerful motor, there’s no way any homeowner can resist not to have this juicer on their kitchen.

The Verdict
The Breville JE98XL and the Omega Juicer both received several good comments and reviews from their previous buyers. Deciding which one to pick now relies on how much you are willing to spend for a new juicer. Don’t worry since you’ll never go wrong as long as you buy any of the two masticating juicers mentioned above.

The Chef Knife – Your Perfect Kitchen Partner

Preparing food is easy and fast when you have good picks of kitchen knives to tackle the chopping, dicing and slicing activities which are normally involved in food preparation especially when you are preparing food for many people. A knife that combines high cutting performance, corrosion resistance, comfortable and balanced handle is the best knife for chefs. You can find out best rated chef knives to buy by reading the best kitchen knife reviews.


The chef knife combines the three properties and it is the most important tool in the kitchen of most homes. It has a razor sharp edge this makes the chef knife to be your go-to kitchen knife among the other kitchen knives for efficient slicing, chopping, dicing, julienning and mincing of food.

Chef knives from top kitchen knife brands such as Wusthof, Shun, Zwilling, Chicago Cutlery, Victorinox and Henckels are readily available in shops and hardware and at cheap price.

The chef knife is comfortable to hold as the handle is smooth and balanced. The slim blade is a triangular shape with a tall heel and a curved edge, giving it a great range of utility. The chef’s knife ranges from 6 to 12 inches in length and it is very light making it the people’s choice.

The two chef knives’ shape that are common are the French shape style and the German style shape. The German chef knives have a cutting edge that is deep and continuous curve edge while the French knives have a straight cutting edge with a curved tip at the end. Learn more

There is no style that is inherently superior to the other; your personal preference dictates the choice. To choose the handle type and the weight of the knife, you will have to look at how you hold a knife, the size of your hand and what kitchen tasks you most often need to perform.

You will appreciate the chef knife’s perfect balance and ergonomic handles and its sharpness just get on for yourself.

Pressure rice cookers available now can do much more

My mother used to cook rice in a vessel that had a flat base. This vessel was not too deep but quite wide or may be I recall it wrong. I faintly remember being asked sometimes to check if the rice was ready. This meant I had to use a cloth for pulling away the thin aluminum lid, and check whether rice was ready. If the water was nowhere to be seen in that pot, my mom heard a shrill scream should I switch off, the rice is ready. As if I understood!

Then came the pressure cooker, which cooked rice. Instead of my shrill scream, it was the pressure cooker that got to issue shrill warning. You’d think that the first whistle comes only after rice is cooked, but that is not true. You would have to lower the heat, and wait for a couple of minutes before switching it off. Usually, three whistles give perfect rice.


So what does the pressure rice cooker do? It heats up the air within the vessel thereby hastening the boiling of rice and water. That is the theory. You don’t get to step inside the pressure rice cooker while it is doing what it is supposed to be doing for confirming the theory. But what you can notice like me is the time taken to cook rice. It certainly is much lower when compared to conventional cooking. I know because I have a pressure cooker, and though it does not have the word rice in between, it can be used to cook rice. I often cook rice in it. The electrical best rice cooker that I use does not really qualify as pressure cooker, because the hot air escapes from the sides of its lid’s rim. However, it may be offering some pressure there because the lid is heavier.

The new rice cookers are mostly pressure cookers combined with electrical cooking. There are electronic features as well. I was going through some of the pressure rice cooker reviews, and I thought Wow, can they be so versatile? Apparently, they are. I am, however, not sure I would buy one, because I don’t think these rice cookers are good enough for cooking meat. I would need my non-electrical pressure cooker for that. But it is always good to know new things. Who knows, there may come a time when you won’t need anything other than a single pressure rice cooker that can complete all your cooking. May be it can vary the pressures as needed. I am waiting for something that would be so complete.

Ratings of cookware confuse me

I truly do not understand on what basis cookware sets are rated. But when it comes to giving wedding gift, I know I have to look through those cookware set ratings. I would rather give cash but out here giving cash is not appreciated. Everybody thinks it is being lazy. But when I spend the money on a cookware set ratings that are not the best, is it not telling the new couple that I am not buying them the best? If I give cash, the couple could buy a good cookware set.

They say cookware set ratings prove that cooking is even in those pans and pots. I have never had any problem with mine. My cookware set has lasted me for 25 odd years, so I guess, these pots and pans are sturdy too. When I looked up the old cartons in which this cookware was packed, I found that this cookware was never rated. Is it a marketing gimmick then?


However, I do own two other sets. We have a nice hanging unit and my cookware is visible in dining hall from there. I make it a point to periodically wash and wipe the set and hang them there again so that everybody feels I have nice pots and pans. When I bought these stainless steel cookware sets, I did not look at the ratings. Instead, I focused on thickness, non-stick coating, external colors, handles, and convenience of cleaning. May be nowadays, people are not sure of the thickness of pots and pans. Recently, my cousin bought a highly rated cookware set. I was not impressed with it, because I thought it was not thick enough. She said, it is good for induction cooking. Sure! If the base is flat, and the material is thin, you need to get it cheaper. After all, there is less quantity of material used to make it, right? May be times have changed.

Why You Also Need To Go For This Espresso Machine


After my personal doctor ordered that I take plenty of coffee every day, the next thing I know, I was out in the market looking for the top espresso machines. Well, the whole searching process was actually difficult; I had never bought such a machine before and singling out the best was not going to be a walk in the park. However, I Knew a friend who lived across town and I also knew him to be one of the biggest lovers of espresso. I talked to him through the phone and he recommended I get the best semi automatic espresso machine.

It is now over months since I brought my semi automatic espresso machine into my kitchen and I love what it does. Although, it is a little bit more work, since I am not always in a hurry, this machine has over and over gave me the best quality and great taste. As if that is not even enough; one of the biggest selling points of a semi automatic espresso machine is that it is not fully automated.

What I love about this machine is that, unlike those other fully automated espresso machines, not all the work is left for the machine. I once in a while bring my personal efforts on how I want my final product to be.

At the end, if great espresso is something you want to be a part of, I recommend you go for the best semi automatic espresso machine. I have had such a machine in my kitchen and office and I know what it can do. I love it. To really give you a glimpse of what this machine has done for, I am planning to buy another two of the same models; one for my kitchen and the other for my office.